New Kitchens that are perfectly at home in old houses

The times are constantly changing. New life styles demand modern conveniences and comforts.

This is no different when it comes to kitchens. Today, you can buy a range of products and appliances that have re-defined the concept of cooking. But won’t they look out of place in an old kitchen? Yes… but there is a solution cookscape. The cookscape kitchen comes to you as a complete package of product and service. This means we take care of everything. From Modular Kitchen Designs to manufacture, installation and certification. All this is the most non-instrusive and efficient way. Cookscape-the easiest way to get yourself a modern kitchen.

Many shapes & sizes Cookscape kitchen are modular and can be fashioned to fit all possible wall and floor dimension. With little or no additional masonry work, your old kitchen can be transformed into a spanking new one. When you buy a cookscape kitchen you’ll be spoilt for choice. We have 17 basic designs that can be customized into a countless permutations and combinations. This means you can create your very own ‘designer’ kitchen.

Made in India – for India Cookscape kitchen comes to you with world-class quality, styling, fit and finish. Most importantly, they have been specially engineered to withstand Indian conditions. In other words, they are capable of surviving changing weather conditions and humidity levels, washing with strong detergents, oil spills, knife nicks and scrubbing. So how long do they last? As long as your house does more or less!

Kitchen that are built to last Cookscape kitchens offer true value as they give a life time of service. They are made of hardwood and not a particle board. But what is particle board? In simple terms it is particles held together by adhesives and then laminated. Particle board is fine…to make a writing table may be. But in a kitchen there’s plenty that can go wrong imagine this scenario: A misdirected stroke of knife inflicts a cut on the particle board surface. It cuts through the laminate and into the board. Overtime, moisture affects the exposed board and causes the adhesive bonding the particles to break down. Interestingly most important kitchens are made of particle board. That’s why you have to change them every few years.


Kitchen remodel, from gathering design ideas through construction and final

When you decide to remodel your kitchen. Most of you don’t know where to start, many homeowners get confused, and some start by looking at appliances. Others start by collecting inspiring kitchen photos. Even some decide they need more room. Others simply want to upgrade their current kitchen. However you may find yourself in this exploration stage for longer period looking for the right professional.

Cookscape is one store solution for you, which is only organized corporate company for kitchen renovation in chennai. Cookscape kitchen comes to you as complete package of Modular Kitchen Price product and service. This means we take care of everything. From designing to manufacture, installation and certification along with 10 years of warranty (along with AMC).

Renovation: Simple solution to modernize a kitchen from old to brand new modular kitchen..

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