Here is the method and various stages for you to shop for custom made modular kitchen, wardrobe and lifestyle from us. At each stage, our experienced and skilled team will assist you to form your choice and decisions, simpler and easier.


When you would like to shop for modular kitchen, wardrobe or the other modular, you'll have tons of things in your mind to clarify. you'll ask us about the planning, the brands, quality of materials, price, options or anything you would like to understand.

Design We can work with the planning provided to you by your architect or designer, or else, we will create a design to fit your specific needs, room size and budget. Our designs are very detailed and may accomodate fittings and accessories from many brands.

Estimation Once there's a design, we will provide detailed estimates for the materials of your choice for the cupboards and shutters, for all the hardware fittings, accessories, appliances, sink, faucets, LED lights counter tops, fabrication and the other related cost.

Selection We offer a good range of choices for your modeular furniture. we've 18 colors of cupboards, wiped out various grades of plywood and other engineered wood materials. There are quite 15 sorts of shutter finishers, each with many texture and color choice.

Detailed Quote Once you've got a finalized design, we shall provide you can in depth item-wise quote for all the products with quantity required, price and discounts. this may include the value of materials, all taxes and duties, delivery expenses to your site and installation.

Finalization Now that, you've got the finalized design and detailed quote, it's time for you to gauge and ensure the order. Any changes are still possible at this stage to fit your needs. Once you're proud of everything, you'll pay advance and finalize the order with us

Production The modular kitchen, wardrobe and other lifestyle furniture we sell are made in factories with state of the art German machinery. We shall get the panels manufactured as per the specifications and sizes

Delivery The fabricated modular kitchen and furniture are going to be properly packed and dispatched from the factory direct to your site. this may be delivered and kept during a place under lock and key till our technicians arrive.09 Installation Our trained technicians and supervisors will ensure perfect installation at your site. All hardware and accessories shall be installed as per the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

Final Inspection Once the installation is completed, our site supervisor will conduct a radical check and necessary corrections and alignments are going to be administered to make sure perfection, and quality standards.

Handover We shall offer you a demo of the modular kitchen, appliances and other fittings within the kitchen, in order that you'll get the utmost utility for the cash you spend for your modern modular kitchen.

Life Long Service All products we sell come with warranty from the manufacturer. Even after the free service period and warranty period, we are just a call away to require care of your service needs.

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